The Ghost Trilogy

by Alexa Snow and Jane Davitt

Laying a Ghost (written with Jane Davitt)

When John McIntyre sees Nick Kelley step off the island ferry, he's instantly attracted, and fairly certain that he knows what Nick is keeping secret, because he's been doing it himself for years. When he discovers Nick's real secret he's drawn into a world he never knew existed, one haunted by grief and guilt and ghosts. In the shadowed world of the spirits, Nick's power is all that the ghosts have to help them. But Nick is still mourning the death of his lover in an accident he believes he caused, and John's determined to keep their relationship secret.

It's going to take a lot more than attraction and really good sex to solve their problems but will they be lucky? Or will one week be all they have before they're left alone again?

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Giving Up The Ghost (written with Jane Davitt)

John McIntyre thought that once his partner Nick Kelley was settled, everything would be perfect; but things are far from perfect, and Nick has a secret that he won't share. Everything becomes clear, though, when Nick receives a phone call he never expected -- or did he?

It's going to take a lot to get John and Nick's relationship back on track, and with everything they're fighting, from vengeful spirits to gold diggers, they're only going to make it if they give love a ghost of a chance.

This book is the sequel to Laying A Ghost, the story that introduced John and Nick.

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Waking the Dead (written with Jane Davitt)

Final book in the "Laying a Ghost" trilogy.

When your lover can speak to ghosts and his half-brother can read minds, you get used to life being a step away from normal. But when angry ghosts take over the bodies of the living, seeking revenge for their centuries-old murders, even John and Nick have trouble coping.

Teenaged angst, pushy tourists, and the dead walking... If they want the peaceful summer they'd planned, they're going to have to fight for it.

Side by side.

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